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What is left
Graphite, digital print, embossing on paper

What doesn’t belong
Digital print, transfer, embossing and cut outs on paper
What is cracked
Graphite, digital print, transfer, cut outs on paper
26 x 9 inch each one (66 x 22 cm)

"Where is our power?" (Series)


Using the imagery from Colombian monuments I decided to make a series of drawings that modify the unique features of each of them, using printed scaned photograps, drawings and transfer I altered the monument leaving only the pedestals or the elements that are not  human forms. The project started by making a series of drawings of each one of these monuments and then editing and reproducing digital copies of them, removing their uniqueness, their monumentalilty, the strength of the materials used to make them, as well as  trivializing and transforming them into two dimensions are the guiding actions of this series.

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